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Suicide Shot

Trying to rebuild a shattered life is very difficult and sometimes requires tremendous change. For Michael Callaway it means taking a long boat ride from his usual comfort zone in South Florida and the Bahamas, to the wild wilderness of Alaska. His close circle of friends has withered down to one after the murders of his fiancée, his former partner in the Customs Service, and the Miami District Director of the DEA. His plans to relax and hang out with his last friend ,Navy Commander David Eldridge, go awry from the moment he reaches the Gulf of Alaska. He will get involved with a Russian cargo ship captain who becomes a sinister force in Callaway’s life. He will have to use all his cunning to figure out what the ship captain is up to. Will he have to stop him from firing a Suicide Shot that will ignite World War III?

A Fierce Vengeance

A Fierce Vengeance is the sequel to By Unknown Means, and it will take former U.S. Customs Service Enforcement Agent Michael Callaway into the dark world of revenge. He will learn to break all the rules, and become what he wants to destroy to exact A Fierce Vengeance.

Available on Amazon as an eBook now, and in paperback very soon.


By Doug Giacobbe

The first book of the Michael Callaway series

Michael is shocked when he finds his ex-girlfriend Carrie in cahoots with one of the world’s most notorious drug smugglers. Can he take down the mobster and win her back? Or has she been working undercover all along? A pulse-pounding blast.

Praise for By Unknown Means

"A Thrilling Read!"

—Joan Johnston, New York Times bestselling author

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