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Author of the Michael Callaway thriller By Unknown Means

Thank you for visiting my Web Site.  The home of the first of my series of Michael Callaway books, By Unknown Means.  If you are an action junkie, you will love this book. 

While the book is fiction, I have borrowed situations and personalities from actual events and people that I have experienced in my twenty-four years in law enforcement, including the time that I spent working undercover as a narcotics investigator.  I recently had a small part in a play at Daytona State College, (what a surprise, I played the part of a police detective).  One of the experienced actors in the play complemented me about how I played the part, and asked if I had any previous acting experience.  I advised him that when you work undercover, you learn to act in a real hurry, or you will get into real trouble. 

-Doug Giacobbe